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4 Reasons To Replace Your Existing Skylights When You Replace Your Roof


1. Save Money and time

During a skylight, replacement, a roofer removes the shingles around the skylight to re-flash and seal the window to the roof deck or curb.  Therefore, the most idea, cost-efficient time to replace your skylight is when you re-roof.  You are already removing all the old shingles and laying down new shingles anyways.

2. improved energy efficiency

Skylight manufacturers are continually developing and testing their skylights to ensure they maintain high standards of design.  Most manufacturers have improved their energy efficiency over the years.

3. 30% federal tax credit

When you go solar, you can save big!  Going solar with your skylights allows you to be eligible for a 30% federal solar tax credit in 2024.  So not only will you save on your home’s energy efficiency but also on your wallet.  This credit is eligible for any solar powered skylight or sun tunnel installed on your home.  The product and installation costs associated with your solar powered sun tunnel or skylight are eligible for the Federal Solar Tax Credit.

4. coincide warranties

Why you replace your skylight(s) at the time of your roof replacement your roof and skylight will have coinciding warranties ensuring you have overall better protection.  Resistance Exteriors installs VELUX skylights which come with a 10 Year No Leak Warranty.





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