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Your home is the sanctuary where you get to relax, have fun, raise families, and create cherished memories. This is the case no matter whether you live in a simple starter home or a multi-story, multi-generational abode. Seeing as your home property is such a significant and influential location in your life, shouldn’t it also be one that reflects your style, taste, and class? We certainly think so. As your home exterior and roofing contractors in Delafield, WI, we can help you design your own house exactly as you see fit. Just give us a call at 262-951-0875, and we can get started!

Our contractors have decades of combined experience with all aspects of home design, renovation, and construction. Moreover, they have keen eyes for style and quality when it comes to those home property projects. This makes them the perfect contractors and creatives to partner with for any residential property project you may have in mind.


Whether you’re simply looking for a new roof and updated siding to accompany it, or you’re in the market for a top-down redesign of your house’s exterior, Resistance Exteriors can be there to help you every step of the way. We look forward to helping you perfect your next roofing, siding, or general home remodeling project.

Start Visualizing the Possibilities for Your New Home

Below, you’ll find an easy-to-use, interactive 3D model to start sifting through the countless possibilities of what your home could look like! Mix and match a huge variety of walls, roofs, trims, windows, and more until you find one that piques your interest or catches your eye.

Have you found yourself with a new home design that you’re absolutely in love with? If so, don’t hesitate to call us at 262-951-0875 to start the process of making your dream home a reality! With Resistance Exterior as your home exterior and roofing contractor in Delafield, WI, you could bring your newly created 3D model out of the virtual world and into the real one.

High-Quality Siding Installation and Repair Services in Delafield, WI

Walls & Siding

First and foremost, deciding on the style of walls and siding that your newly remodeled home exterior will have can immensely help with the rest of the decision-making process. From practical horizontal and vertical vinyl siding to more distinguished options such as stone, brick, or stucco, the siding of your home will be one of the critical elements of your home’s entire curb appeal. Plus, these options all come in their own variety of unique colors and styles.


Here at Resistance Exteriors, we provide a number of roofing materials for homes of all sizes and styles. Shingles and tiles are the bread and butter of our roofing installations. However, we also offer a variety of other fantastic options, such as Metal, Asphalt, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin), EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) And Cedar Shake.


Though the roof and siding of your home will act as the bold statement pieces of your curb appeal, proper trimming will make these features stand out even more boldly and stunningly. We can help design your new home with trims of practically any color you could imagine. Just make sure it matches the overall look of your home before making a decision!


Your windows are another crucial component of your home’s exterior to consider during the remodel. Not only do windows help mold the aesthetic of your home, but they are also vital to ensure your home receives a proper amount of natural light and airflow (when the windows are opened). From window types such as casement and slider windows to grid styles like colonial, diamond, and prairie, there are likely more styles of windows than you previously imagined.


Finally, brand-new doors will act as the finishing touch to your new home design. As your home exterior and roofing contractors in Delafield, WI, we can help source and install expertly crafted, high-quality doors of various kinds, whether you need a bold, heavy-weight front door or an updated, modern garage door.

No matter what your dream home redesign looks like, our team here at Resistance Exteriors would be honored to help you make it a reality. In addition to working personally with your local HOA (Homeowner’s Association) to ensure your new design abides by all local regulations, we also offer a variety of warranties on all the work we complete for you and your home.

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Your home isn’t just a cozy and safe place for you and your family to live and thrive. It’s also a reflection of your style, status, and taste. If you’re ready to make a change to your home’s exterior—from a minor roof and trim update to a complete exterior redesign—the Resistance Exteriors team is your best bet at a successful end result. 

Feel free to give us a call at 262-951-0875 if you have any further questions about what we can provide as your home exterior and roofing contractors in Delafield, WI. You can also choose to request an estimate online now.

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