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Siding Glossary A - Z

siding glossary

Channel: The area where siding and soffit panels are attached to the trim or corner post. Also refers to the trim itself, which is named for the letters of the alphabet they resemble (J-channel, F-channel, etc).
Course: A row of siding.

Dormer Window: A vertical window in a projection built out from a sloping roof.

Eaves: The lower, level part of a roof overhanging a wall.

Face: The siding that is visible once installed.

Fascia: The trim piece nailed to the ends of a series of rafters or trusses to tie them together at the lower, level end of a roof. The fascia supports the sheathing on the edge of the roof as well as the front edge of the soffit.

Fascia Board: The exterior finish nailed to the fascia that is nailed to the rafter or truss ends that runs horizontally around the roof on which the gutters are mounted. The fascia board forms a drip edge for rain water, as well as hides the end of the roof sheathing and soffits.

Flashing: A layer of sheet metal used under siding on windows & doors to prevent water from penetrating the home.

Gable: The upper triangular-shaped portion of the end wall of a building.

Outside Corner Post: ​Provides neat appearance outside corners for vertical and horizontal sidings. Receives siding from both sides. Deeper post is used with insulated siding, and narrower post with non-insulated siding.

Overhang: The portion of the roof that extends beyond the walls of a home. The soffit or eave is the underside of an overhang.

Rake: The edge of a sloped roof forming the overhang beyond the wall of a gable roof or other sloped roof.

Soffit: The underside space between the end of the roof and the side of a home, often vented to provide circulation to the attic.

Trim Coil: Painted aluminum and steel material commonly used to case around windows. Allows remodeler to totally enclose house.

Ventilated Soffit: Soffit panels that have a series of holes or slits, covered with a screen material that allows air to enter or exit the attic space, while keeping insects and pests out.

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