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For those rooms with very little natural light adding a skylight can bring a new dynamic to your home.  Skylights are available in many different styles and sizes giving you the ability to install a skylight in virtually any room in your home.  Resistance Exteriors LLC is a certified Velux Skylight Installer.  All skylights receive a “No Leak” manufacturers warranty.

Sun Tunnels

Velux Sun Tunnel Delafield

Have an area that never seems bright enough in your home or business?  Do you have to turn the lights on during the day just to see well? Sun tunnels are a great option to bring in natural light to your room.  They are small enough to allow for installation in unique areas of your home or business.  Resistance Exteriors LLC is a certified Velux Sun Tunnel installer.  All sun tunnels include manufacturers warranty.  Contact us today to get your free no obligation estimate.

skylight contractor in delafield wi
Flexible sun tunnel
Velux 3-Star Certified Installer

Why Velux Skylights & Sun Tunnels?

Velux is the world leader in roof windows and skylights and has been for the past 50 years.  Velux Skylights come with a “No Leak” warranty and by installing these products you can become eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.  And Velux Skylights and Sun Tunnels are an energy star product. Resistance Exteriors LLC is a Certified Velux Skylight and Sun Tunnel Installer insuring you get the proper installation of your skylight or sun tunnels.

Energy Star

What is a "No Leak" manufacturers warranty?

Velux deck mounted skylights come with an industry first 10-year “No Leak” installation warranty that covers correct skylight and appropriate flashing installations (product and labor) against leaks when installed by a Certified Installer.  Velux believes the best guarantee is the one you never have to use, therefore, they build quality into every product. 

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