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7 Things to Consider When Replacing Gutters

replacing gutters

Water stains, cracked walls, and erosion, all these are symptoms. But not the real cause.

Rain gutters are an important aspect of your home. Not only do they keep water off your roof and help protect your foundation and siding, but when done right, they can add great aesthetics to your home.

However, with time, the integrity of these gutters can be shaken, minimizing their efficiency. And that means it is time for a replacement.

When it comes to replacing gutters, there are several factors to consider.

And below we have broken down the seven factors you must remember when you decide to replace gutters.

Why Is Guttering Replacement Important?

Gutters play an important role in preserving the foundation, roof, and sides of the house from gathering water. Be it melted snow or rainwater. 

A well-designed gutter system will meticulously guide the water off the roof and away from the foundation. This system ensures that rainwater is redirected from the house instead of eroding into the foundation.

Signs You Need a Gutter Replacement

Even a well-structured gutter needs replacement now and again. But as a homeowner, knowing when to replace gutters can be tricky.

Here are some telltale signs to let you know when guttering replacement is necessary.

Cracks and Splits

When you see cracks and splits in your gutter system, it is time.

If neglected, these cracks and splits can widen, especially during winter when the water ices. This will further destroy the ability of your gutters to protect your house and roof from water.  

Overflowing Water

Overflowing water can indicate that either your gutters weren’t installed correctly or are too narrow. Either way, when you find yourself with overflowing water, it is time to consider a gutter replacement.

Peeling Paint

When gutters are installed, a final coat seals them from water. When this coat starts flaking, this is a sign that you need to replace the gutters.

Loose Gutters

Nothing shouts “guttering replacement” like loose gutters. The moment your gutters are loose, they compromise your foundation and the entire building.

Damage Around the Gutters

Another unrefuted sign your gutters need replacing is damage around the gutters themselves. If water stains or mold start appearing around and underneath the gutters, they need replacing.

Foundation Problems

This may not be an easy sign to spot immediately, but foundation problems are another sign to look out for. When your gutters are faulty, they will result in water seeping into the ground around the house. This water will affect your foundation. Once this happens, you will spot cracks in your walls. 

7 Things to Consider When Replacing Gutters

Once you have spotted these signs, there are still some things to consider before getting the work done. 

Here are the top seven things to keep in mind:

1. Size of Gutters

According to the size of your roof and the overall design of your home, there are several gutter sizes and makes to choose from. 

The first rule when it comes to gutter sizes is that there is no such thing as an oversized gutter. Getting wider gutters is always better. If your gutters are small or narrow, they will overflow or get easily clogged. But this is hardly a problem for homeowners with larger gutters. 

And when it comes to the design, here at Resistance Exteriors, we pride ourselves in our seamless aluminum and copper gutters. These types of gutters are not prone to rusting or expansion in the face of environmental elements. And they come with a 5-year craftsman warranty.

The wrong size of Gutters will accelerate the time to those replacement gutters.

2. Size of Downspouts

The size of your downspouts will affect the rate at which water and debris are escorted off your roof. And picking the wrong size will be as detrimental as the wrong gutter size. 

A lot of measuring has to go into picking the right downspout size. The wrong size will ensure your gutters are clogged much quicker. And take away the efficiency of the entire system.

If you are struggling to pick the right gutter and downspout size, you may need to call a professional to help.

3. Proper Location of Downspouts and Gutter Runs

The location of your downspouts and gutter runs is another important factor to consider when replacing gutters. For an effectual roof drainage system, gutters must be at the corners of your roof. That would be every 30 to 40 feet.

4. Direction of Water Flow Away from Home

The entire gutter system rests on its ability to implacably drive water away from your house. 

When you are working on replacing your gutters determine how far and in what direction the water will flow. Aim for gutter extensions that will lead to water at least 10 feet from your house.

If your house is on a slope, this is a great advantage for your gutter system. Ensure the water follows the slope of the building. 

But for homeowners without the advantage, using rain barrels or drainage pits can guarantee water wanders far from your house. 

5. Pitch of Roof

The pitch of a roof refers to its steepness or incline. There are two ways to categorize roof pitch. A roof can either be high-pitched or low-pitched. This is an important guttering metric because it will help you determine the angle at which you should install your gutters.

A high-pitched roof guarantees that water drains faster from the roof. While the opposite is true for a low-pitched roof.

6. Are Gutter Guards Necessary?

If, like most homeowners, you are wondering if gutter guards are worth the investment, the answer is yes. 

Gutter guards help minimize the debris that can make its way into the gutters. They help reduce the chances of your gutters getting clogged or the need to frequently clean them.

7. DIY Vs. Pro

Should you replace the gutters yourself or call a professional? For most people, home repairs are DIY projects. But gutter replacement is a little different.

There is the need for appropriate tools and experience. There is also the factor of safety. 

Without these three, your replacement project may encounter some hiccups.

Replacing Your Gutters

Replacing gutters is something every homeowner must do once in a while. There are several things to consider when it is time for gutter replacement.

If you are looking for professional help to replace your gutters, then Resistance Exterior can help.

Contact us to see how we can help.


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