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How to Choose the Right Siding Option for Your Home Update


There are a lot of great ways to make your home look fresh and new again, and siding is one of them. Not only can it change how you and other people see the exterior of your home, but it can also increase your property value. If you want to find the right siding option for your home, get great value, and choose something you really love, working with our experts at Resistance Exteriors is the way to go. There are several styles, materials, and colors available for siding. It is important to understand all of your options to ensure you choose the right siding option for your home.

The Best Siding Offers Quality and Value

You want to make sure your home’s new siding is up to the task of looking great and lasting for a long time. That is why you need quality and value in any siding you choose. Not only does that make your home more aesthetically pleasing, but it provides you with a lot of durability, too. The right siding option will give you significant protection, as siding is one of the first lines of defense to keep your home safe from wind, water, and other damage.

For example, if you do not have the right siding option for your location and the kind of weather you experience, you might not be protecting your home as well as you think. Fortunately, you can get help for that by working with professionals to choose a different kind of siding or update and repair what you have. Some homeowners want to replace all their siding, while others focus on making repairs to what they have. While you can do either one, there comes a time when the siding simply needs to be replaced because it has reached the end of its useful life.

You Can Choose From Different Styles

Getting the right siding option for your house can help you love where you live even more. Some siding is wider than others, for example, and the wider pieces will create a different look than something that is more narrow. For this reason, you want to consider what you already have on your house and whether you like it before you choose new siding. If you are happy with the style you currently have, you have the freedom to keep this style for your future siding project.

Colors and Options Are Very Important

When it comes to selecting the color for your siding, it is important also to consider the materials. Some materials, like wood, require painting every few years. Although this is additional maintenance for your home’s exterior, especially when compared to vinyl, it also provides you with the flexibility to change the color of your home more easily than having to replace all of the siding. Alternatively, you can choose a vinyl or metal siding that comes pre-made in the color of your choice. These materials will maintain the color for several years without requiring any major maintenance.

If you choose siding that is already colored or painted, be sure you have color options you like. Having to repaint siding that’s already colored can be an extra cost that you may have been able to avoid with a different siding choice.

Remember, the right siding option is the one that gives you what you want and need for a price you feel good about. If that is a color or style option that’s unique, that can be a great way to stand out from the homes of your neighbors and have something different and interesting. You may also want to blend in, especially if you have an HOA or other governing body that requires you to stick to specific paint colors for your home.

Become the Envy of the Neighborhood

When you choose quality siding options, along with gutter and roofing upgrades, you can change the entire look of your home and become the envy of your neighbors. By improving the look of your home, you increase the value of your property and your curb appeal. This also helps raise the value of neighboring properties, giving the people around you a boost to their values and a neighborhood that looks better and more well-kept. Since the right siding option changes a home’s entire look, it can be a dramatic update.

Improve the Look of Your Home for Sale

When you are trying to sell a home, you want it to look as good as possible. Replacing or repairing the siding on an older home can give it a much-improved look that will make it easier for buyers to fall in love with it. Most sellers won’t go to the trouble and expense of siding replacement, but if the current siding is in poor shape, the upgrade can be worth it. Not only will the home likely sell for much more with brand-new siding, but the right siding option could also help it sell faster. That is a winning situation for any homeowner who wants to sell their home and get a good, fair price for it quickly.

Upgrade for a More Secure Future

The right siding option will increase the security of your home by protecting it more fully and keeping out wind, rain, hail, and other damaging elements. When you choose good quality siding and take the time to find the best look and most durable option, you can get it installed with confidence. Make sure you not only choose quality siding, but that you work with trusted installers. Then you can have increased peace of mind, knowing that the siding is in great shape and the installation of it was handled correctly. That will help your new siding last and look great for years to come.

Professional Installers Help Protect Your Home

At Resistance Exteriors, we are here to help you find the right siding option to transform your home in the way you desire. Our team is committed to providing smart siding repairs, installations, and more. Schedule a free estimate by contacting our team in Delafield, WI, at 262-951-0875 today to get started. 


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