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Signs That You Need a Gutter Replacement

gutter replacement

Traditional gutters on homes can last around 20 years. In the case of copper gutters, they can last up to 50 years. When your gutters are working properly, they will draw water away from your home and keep the foundation relatively dry during harsh weather conditions. When the gutters fail to function properly, it can result in water soaking down around the base of your home.

Over time, the water can penetrate your foundation and cause serious damage. For this reason, it is important to recognize when it is time for a gutter replacement at your home. There are several signs that you should look for to know when it is time to consider replacing them.

The Gutters Are Cracking

If you notice cracks in your gutters, they are not going to function well at all. Having cracked gutters is comparable to having holes in a bucket that you are trying to fill with water. The water is going to seep out of the gutters instead of being redirected away from the home. 

You should visually inspect your gutters and your downspouts to determine if there are any large cracks. Unfortunately, smaller cracks on your gutters may not reveal themselves unless there is a storm. No matter what size cracks are on your gutters, if they are there, you may want to consider a gutter replacement to ensure the water is directed away from your home during inclement weather.

There Is Stress at the Seams

The seams on gutters tend to be the most vulnerable locations. The seams are generally the point where two horizontal sections of gutters meet. If there is stress on the seams, you may notice bending, drooping, or separation between the two sections. Stress on the seams could ultimately lead to failure and indicate that it is time for a gutter replacement.

You Notice Peeling

The unfortunate truth is that defective gutters and gutters that fail to function correctly can wreak havoc on your home’s painting. If the exterior of your home is painted, you may notice bowling or peeling in various areas. This could indicate that there is excessive moisture building up below the surface. An excess of moisture on your service could mean that the gutters are compromised. You should inspect the condition of the gutters near where the bubbling or peeling is located.

If you notice the painting is peeling in multiple locations around the gutters, you may want to consider a full gutter replacement instead of repairing them.

There Is Standing Water Around Your Gutters 

If you notice that your gutters are failing to drain correctly, it could indicate that there is damage that needs to be addressed. A blockage on your gutters can quickly lead to flooding out, which can result in a significant amount of water penetrating your foundation. 

To address standing water, you will need to identify the specific cause of the problem. If your gutters are clogging and causing standing water due to the fact that they may be damaged or destroyed, you can consider a gutter replacement. However, identifying the issue can help to determine whether you need to repair or replace them. In some cases, you may be able to install gutter guards to prevent further standstills in the future.

There Is Rotting Around Your Home

When gutters fail and they allow rain to run down your home, it can lead to water completely penetrating any exterior wood trim elements that are on your home. This could include door jams or even windowsills. This can lead to rotting, which can result in the failure of either the window or door frame. This can quickly turn into a costly problem, which means you should address the underlying issue as soon as possible.

Noticing that your gutters may be failing can allow you to make the required repairs. Unfortunately, if the failure of the gutter is widespread, it may be time for a complete gutter replacement.

You Spot Mildew on Your Gutters and Siding

Gutters are designed to direct water approximately six feet away from your home. When moisture accumulates near the foundation, it can penetrate the basement and cause serious damage. Unfortunately, there are instances where the gutters fail and allow the water to accumulate around the foundation of your home. This can result in the growth of mold or mildew.

Unfortunately, mold and mildow can lead to severe allergies and other health concerns. For this reason, it is important that you take quick action to address the problem. If you notice damaged or destroyed gunners, you should consider a gutter replacement as soon as possible. This will help to ensure the water is directed away from your home as it is supposed to be.

Maintenance Is Key

One of the best ways to protect your gutters and to make sure they remain functional for years to come is by performing routine maintenance. Clearing out your gutters alone can save you from countless headaches caused by water that is pouring over due to clogs.

In addition, you have the ability to purchase gutter guards for your home. Our team at Resistance Exteriors has extensive experience installing gutter guards on homes across Wisconsin. Whether you need gutter guards installed or an entire gutter replacement, you can depend on our team to provide you with quality services at an affordable rate.

Top-Quality Contractor in Delafield, WI

Choosing the right contractor to perform work on your gutters or to perform a gutter replacement is crucial. Unfortunately, it can be hard to determine what contractor will provide you with the best quality of services. It is important that you know that you can depend on our team at Resistance Exteriors to take care of your home like it is our own.

Not only will we provide exceptional customer service while taking care of your gutter replacement or the installation of gutter guards, but we’ll also provide you with some of the best warranties available. We stand behind our products and the services that we offer to residents across Delafield, WI, and you can trust that we will get the job done to your satisfaction. To schedule a free estimate, contact our team today.


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