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5 Roof Repairs to Handle This Spring

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How can you make sure your home is safe and secure this year? When winter is over, it’s essential to take a good look at the damage it’s caused to various areas of your home. That includes the roof. Every part of your home’s exterior helps to minimize water damage over time. However, the roof is by far the most important. There are a handful of tasks you need to perform when the winter weather is over to make sure your roof is in the best condition possible.

Tackling these roof repairs now means you can quickly treat the damage winter caused. That could prevent potential problems later. Those problems, like damage to the underlayment and structure of the roof and leaks, are nothing to be avoided.

The first and primary step is having the right team to help you with roof repairs. Resistance Exteriors provides the best roofing repair services in Wisconsin and is ready to help homeowners in the areas to protect their homes from the big risks that happen every year.

The following are five of the most important roof repairs to make this spring. Even if you don’t need them, check for them and be sure you have a licensed professional there to see what’s really happening.

5 Roof Repairs to Handle This Spring

#1: Leaks

Head into your home’s attic and look for any signs of water damage. That’s a task to take seriously. If you do this during the day, you may see pinprick-sized holes that allow light to come in. That is a big problem. If light can come in, so can water.

Also, look for any signs of leaks. This could include areas of stained wood or saturated insulation. If you have any mold growing or there is a musty scent, those are also big concerns. You will want to be sure you tackle these leaks right away.

#2: Missing Shingles

The wind of winter can easily blow a few shingles out of place. Even if your roof is rather new, removing and replacing damaged singles is a must for protecting the roof. Every shingle has a job to do, and without care, missing shingles can lead to significant damage and a higher risk of leaks developing on the surface.

If you have missing shingles, consider how many are present. If there are numerous areas of missing shingles or ample leaking occurring. As a result, it may be a good idea to speak to the contractor about a roof replacement. This may help to minimize any further damage to your roofing structure.

#3: Loose Flashing

All around the roof are items that stick up from the structure. Those could include vents, the chimney, and numerous other elements. Each one of these areas has metal flashing along the base of them that helps to hold the structure in place and prevent water from entering through the roof.

Over time, the flashing can become loose. When that occurs, it can lead to gaps big enough to allow water to get in, and that can lead to long-term damage to those structural elements. It also can allow for mold and mildew to grow in this area. Flashing inspection and repair is something you should have a professional take a closer look at and fix. It can, ultimately, lead to significant roof repairs if the structure is not cared for properly.

#4: Ponding Water

Most residential roofs have an angle to them. It could be a very small angle, but there is one. It is typically large enough to allow water to flow off the roof into the gutters. You do not want water to sit in one place, which is called ponding. When this occurs, the water can penetrate into the shingles. It can get into your home. It also leads to the early deterioration of the surface of your roof.

If you notice any ponding of water on your roof, that is something to talk to your roofing company about. Ponding may seem harmless, but over time, it will worsen so much that it can cause a dip in the roofing structure, and that can lead to a breakthrough. There are various options for roof repairs to address pooling, but they should be tackled by a professional with ample experience.

#5: Discoloration

Take a few minutes to stand back and look at the roof of your home from a short distance. What color is it? Are there areas of the roof that seem to be darker than others? Perhaps there is a green tint to some areas of the roof. If that is the case, there is mold, mildew, and other growth on the structure. That’s not a good thing because, over time, it can break down the roof quality. It can lead to numerous problems with the structure. This warrants an assessment so that you can make the necessary roof repairs to keep your home protected.

Often, removal of this type of material, whether it is fungus or something else, must be done by a professional. If you tried to clean it off yourself, you could damage the shingles. That could make the problem much worse. You also don’t want to use the wrong chemicals or cleaning tools for the job. Some products can cause a significant amount of damage to the structure, and that means bigger repairs.

How Do You Find Out What Your Roof Needs?

Spring roof repairs like these are not always obvious. You may not notice that there are areas of damage on the roof until someone points them out to you. That is why you should schedule a roof inspection at least one time a year. Spring is a great time for this. Our roofing professional can pinpoint any areas of concern for you. This can lead to a list of spring roof repairs your home may need. At the same time, a reliable roofing company will never recommend repairs you really do not need.

Get the Help You Need to Protect Your Home’s Roof

Is it time to have your spring roof repairs taken care of? If so, a good place to start is with an inspection from our team at Resistance Exteriors. Our company services the entire Delafield, Wisconsin, area with superior workmanship and competitive pricing. Take the time to schedule a free estimate for spring roof repairs by calling our company at 262-951-0875. Find out what steps need to be taken to protect your home’s biggest asset.


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