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Skylight vs Sun Tunnel: Which Is Right for Me?


No matter how much you love your home, there are improvements you can make so that you will love it even more. Adding a skylight or sun tunnel to your home has many advantages, both for now and for the future. Here are some of the most important reasons you may want to consider adding an extra source of light to your home:

  • The light you receive from above is natural light. Instead of relying on artificial lights, you can now enjoy light that matches the outside, which can help to improve your circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. The health benefits of natural light are numerous, such as boosting Vitamin D and warding off seasonal depression. Many people report that they are also happier when they can take advantage of more natural light.
  • Your home will feel bigger when you have more light. Even a small room can feel larger when filled with light.
  • Depending on your outside environment, you may be able to enjoy more of nature, such as clouds and trees.
  • You can save money by not needing to pay for interior lighting during the day.
  • Wisconsin offers a tax credit to help you pay when you purchase any energy-efficient window.
  • You add measurable value to your home when you add unique features such as skylights and sun tunnels.

These are just some advantages of allowing more natural light into your home. When you have a full-time supply of natural light, your home feels more open and bright, and you will get more enjoyment out of staying at home.

Why Choose a Sun Tunnel Over a Skylight?

Besides the general style, there are many different features when comparing skylights and sun tunnels. Even after deciding which you prefer, you may change your mind once you see how many choices you have.

As with any other home remodeling project, you can look at all the available information, but you should ultimately choose something you love. We can show you the available options, but we can also show you how to adapt an existing modification to best fit into your home. Feel free to ask any questions while learning about your choices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Skylights

A skylight is simply a window that is installed in a roof or ceiling.

Skylight Advantages

  • You can choose between two basic types of skylight: vented and fixed. If you choose a vented skylight, you can open and close the skylight either by hand or electronically.
  • You can use a vented skylight to help control humidity and condensation in that area of your house.
  • A vented skylight can allow fresh air into your home.
  • Skylights offer energy savings and ventilation while being environmentally friendly.
  • Depending on the size and location, you may be able to use a vented skylight as an emergency exit.
  • Skylights are easy to take care of.

Skylight Disadvantages

  • While they offer added features, vented skylights may be the most expensive out of all your options.
  • While you may get some heat from direct sunlight, your skylight will also let heat out.
  • If you choose low-quality skylights, your furniture, carpeting, and other belongings may suffer from UV damage. Resistance Exteriors uses top-quality products from Velux.
  • You may get glare because of the direct sunlight. However, there are some easy ways to reduce glare, such as by using sunscreen on the window.
  • If the skylight is improperly installed, you could get a leak. That is why it is important to use an experienced contractor to assist with installation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sun Tunnels

Unlike skylights, sun tunnels use a highly reflective tube instead of a window to funnel light into your home. The light travels down through the tube and is then dispersed through a diffuser. Velux offers a number of choices when it comes to diffusers, such as decorative diffuses that will match your home’s decor.

Sun Tunnel Advantages

  • Since they are a smaller size, you can install a sun tunnel in a much smaller area of the ceiling.
  • You can use a sun tunnel for smaller rooms where there may not be room for a skylight, such as bathrooms, closets, or hallways.
  • Because the light is filtered, you will not have the glare you might get from a skylight.
  • Also, because of their size, sun tunnels are much easier to install. In an area with complicated wiring, it will be easier to install the smaller sun tunnel and get it past all the possible obstructions.
  • Because the light is filtered through a tube, you may be able to use a sun tunnel on a lower floor by going through the levels of your home. However, that project will be more expensive.
  • sun tunnels are your best option when privacy is a major concern. Your neighbors will not be able to see into your home like with a skylight.
  • Sun tunnels are easy to take care of.

Sun Tunnel Disadvantages

  • Because the light goes through a tunnel before being diffused throughout the home, you will not get as much direct natural light as a sun tunnel. However, you still get a lot of natural light.
  • sun tunnels may only be practical on certain kinds of roofs, so you may not be able to take advantage of a sun tunnel if your roof is too flat or too steep.
  • There is little control over the output from a sun tunnel. There are dimmers available, but they may not be effective.

Almost any home can be improved simply by adding more light. Skylights and sun tunnels are cost-effective, energy-efficient improvements that also look great.

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