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How to Prepare Your Home for Roof Installation

roof installation

You can extend the lifespan of your roof by up to 50 years by getting a long-lasting roofing type like metal. However, though half a century is a long time, it still isn’t forever. Major disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes can also destroy even the strongest roofing materials and scaffolding in just a few seconds. 

It’s likely, then, that you’ll need a new roof installation before you know it. When you do, you’ll need to know how to prepare the interior and exterior of your home for it. Read on to learn more about this process. 

Ask Your Roofing Company for Advice 

To get the best information about the roof installation process, approach your roofing company with any questions. If you’ve followed the process for finding the best roofing services in your area, the roofers should have the expertise to explain to you what a roofing installation process entails. They should also be able to tell you what they need you to do to prepare your home for their services. 

Inform Your Neighbors of the Coming Noise 

Hearing construction noise is never a pleasant experience. However, if people are warned ahead of time that there will be noise, they can take steps to make themselves more comfortable. For example, they can buy earplugs before the construction or decide to go on a trip while it is taking place. 

Thus, consider knocking on some nearby doors or leaving notes to inform your neighbors of your roof replacement plans. They should appreciate the gesture. 

Clear Everything Off Your Roof 

Roofers can clear branches and other debris off your roof before they start the installation process. However, this will take time to do and that time will probably equate to money out of your pocket. Beyond that, it’s also just nice to make their jobs easier. 

Before the roofing services arrive, put a ladder on the side of your house and climb up. Use a roof broom to clear off any trash, branches, or other debris. You may also want to consider asking your can’t company to temporarily remove a satellite dish if you have one. 

Empty Your Attic and Protect Items in It

Roofing company employees should not go out of their way to damage anything in your attic. However, accidents can happen. Also, the roof installation process can kick up a lot of dirt and debris. 

Therefore, remove what you can from your attic. You can protect items that you can’t move with tarps, covers, etc. This will greatly lower the possibility of any damage taking place. 

Remove/Protect Vulnerable Items in Your Home

Unfortunately, even items that are not in your attic are still vulnerable to damage. The vibrations from the construction can reach into your home. These can then cause shelved and hanging items to fall to the floor and possibly break. 

Take the time, then, to remove anything important off the shelves and walls. Put them in boxes or spaces on the floor until the roofing installation process is over. 

Move Your Vehicles Out of the Driveway 

The roofing technicians will probably need to use your driveway. It can hold their vehicles and equipment as well as a dumpster for all of their construction waste. They can use the street to store these things, but that can be inconvenient for your neighbors. 

It’s best to move your vehicles and anything else that you have in your driveway out of the way. The roofing company and your neighbors are less likely to come to blows in such a situation. 

Do Some Landscaping 

Performing certain landscaping tasks can also make things easier for roof installers. For example, cutting your grass right before construction starts can make things easier for them. They can find smaller pieces of roof debris after they finish their work quickly instead of having to push away any tall grass. 

You can also trim back any bushes or trees where you can. This will help workers move around a lot faster. It’ll also make it less likely that they’ll be scratched or hit by branches. 

In addition, mark off any spaces that you don’t want the roofers to go through, such as gardens or vulnerable patches of lawn. This will prevent any accidental damage to precious flowers or other spaces. 

Keep Family Members Calm and Safe 

If you have any pets or young children, they may be scared or irritated by the construction noise. Try to explain to your children what’s happening and/or keep your pets as calm as possible. If it seems like the construction will be too much for them, consider planning a trip during the roofing installation. 

This may also be a good idea if you don’t think that you can keep your pets or children safe. There are a lot of dangers that children and animals can face during a construction project. There will be falling debris, dust in the air, and workers carrying tools that they may run into. 

Can you not afford to take your children and/or pets on a trip? If so, then try to keep your animals and children inside as much as possible during the construction. You can let them out after the roofers are finished with their work for the day. 

Get a Roof Installation or Other Roofing Services in the Delafield Area from Us 

In sum, do what you can to get everything out of your roofers’ way. This will make sure that the entire roof installation process goes as smoothly as possible. As a result, you’ll get the highest-quality new roof in the fastest time possible. 

Also, if you need a roof installation or any other roofing services in the Delafield area, consider hiring us. Our certified and award-winning services can provide you with a new roof that can last for decades or more. Contact us when you’re ready for a new roof project for a free price quote. 


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