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Roof Inspections: Why a Professional Should Take a Look at Your Roof

Roof Inspection

You’ve spent all spring and summer sprucing up your home’s interior and giving it more curb appeal. But when’s the last time you looked up and given your roof some attention?

Research shows that the average roof lasts for about 30 years. But you can drastically shorten the life of your roof by not regularly monitoring its condition. Fortunately, that’s where a professional roof inspection comes in.

You may be tempted to keep an eye on your roof yourself, rather than hiring a professional. But roof inspections go above and beyond what we may see with the naked eye.

Here are several reasons why you should get a professional to take a look at your roof every year.

Let’s jump in!

A Roof Inspection Helps to Prevent Expensive Issues

One of the top reasons to have a professional roofer look at your roof is that they’ll help you to catch costly issues early.

Your roofer will show you problematic aspects of your roof before these issues grow into bigger ones. For instance, your roofer will look for leaks, weak areas, and other trouble spots. This is essential for preventing expensive repairs and even a complete roof replacement down the road.

Note that you should get your roof inspected once a year. The best time to do this is the fall season, as you can tackle any issues with your roof before the rainy and cold weather kicks in.

A Roof Inspection Shouldn’t Cost You

Another reason to hire a professional roof inspector is that it should be a free service when you choose a reputable roofer.

Top roofers in the industry will offer you a quality inspection at no cost. In addition, the right roofers will perform their inspections without adding on services just to charge you fees.

With a trustworthy roofer, you should never feel obligated to buy any products or services following your roof inspection.

A Roof Inspection Will Put Your Mind at Ease

Getting your roof inspected by a professional will make you feel more at ease about the condition of your roof. 

There’s no need to worry about whether your roof will suddenly fall in one day. An inspector will let you know if your roof is truly in great condition. In this case, you can focus your time and energy on addressing other aspects of your house — and your life.

Likewise, if your roofer discovers issues with your roof, they’ll tell you exactly what types of repairs are needed.

An inspector can also give you an idea of how much longer you have before your roof needs replacing. This will allow you to plan ahead financially for that day.

Simply put, an inspection will help you to ensure that your roof is in the best position possible to withstand the nastiest of elements, like snow, rain, hail, and harsh winds, in the years ahead.

A Roof Inspection Will Simplify the Insurance Claim Process

Let’s say that your roof is damaged in a bad hailstorm. Having your roof professionally inspected will make the process of filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company easier. 

Like many homeowners, you likely don’t what kinds of roof replacement or repair services your homeowner’s insurance policy covers. However, a professional roofing company can easily inspect your damage and assist you in preparing your insurance claim. Then, they’ll advise you on the best way to repair your roof’s damaged sections. 

A Professional Roof Inspection Is Safer for You

When you enlist the help of a professional roofer to inspect your roof, this means you don’t have to handle this dangerous job.

Expert roofers know precisely how to navigate roofs in a low-risk, safe manner. So, take the danger out of the equation: let a roofer examine your roof’s nuances for any flaws while you safely look on from the ground.

A Roof Inspection Will Protect Your Property and Home’s Value

Finally, a thorough roof inspection will help you to keep your home — one of your biggest assets — in the best shape possible.

Unfortunately, damage to your roof can cause moisture to start building up in your house. This will inevitably damage your home’s curtains, wall lining, paint, and wallpapers. Dampness also causes fungi, mold, and dust mites to develop, which poses health risks.

Fortunately, a roofer can spot these issues and help you to remedy them to keep your home and family safe. The roofer can also suggest maintenance tips to further safeguard your house. For instance, they might recommend gutter protection and cleaning, as well as tree trimming to keep roof damage at bay down the road.

All in all, regular roof inspections will extend your roof’s life span and therefore prevent premature roof replacement. And if you plan to sell your home in the future, having a well-kept roof will be a major selling point that just might help you to seal the deal.

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